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  • Thx vickim...things have been busy. My typing has slowed dwn. Looking into the dynavox/tobii computer stuff. Pretty cool. Should be set to go end of Jan. how r u? Hope u have been keeping well.
    thank you so much Vicki. It's been an easier week emotionally but he has had a lot of progression in the arms and legs so I'm run off my feet and exhausted physically, but better in myself. so appreciate your message xxx
    Well I can't email David and he has it where you can't post visitor mets either. Wonder if you could I of be willing to email him for me? It may be you can't or aren't supposed to but you might try. Darn spellcheck. Messages above.
    I'll try to do that. Thanks. Sorry about your weather. This is going to be a long long winter for sure. This cold weather is awful and it's only Dec!
    I had "enable" visitor messaging already clicked on. This has been going on since I lost my account of edwards5256 or since I couldn't access it anymore. I honestly don't know what it is going to take to get private messaging set up for me. Tohkefang (Beky) is aware and she is a moderator. I may ask her again to check it out for me. THANKS for the heads up, grrr!!!
    Hello, Vicki. Thanks so much for checking on me. Have been staying below the radar line for the past couple of months. Winter blahs ? ? Have been working on the immunesuppression trial being conducted by Emory, U. Mass and Mass General - I believe a total of 40 subjects. Haven't heard much talk about it. We will see what goes (if accepted). I go in for my 2d visit 12/17. Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks again for checking.//Frank
    Happy belated anniversary and thanksgiving. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the kind things you say on this forum, and the humor that you maintain. There is obviously a reason you have been married for so long. You are a great person.
    Thankful for this forum and you. I didn't respond to Thankfulness thread. I saw TxGirl post from yours. She almost got off On a rant for your thread. Tohkefang (Beky) asked me to try not to go on her page again. She got upset with me again. I am not stalking her. I know she is hurting but geez so am I. Anyway there Is a lot to be thankful for. I just felt it best to respond here on your page. Blessings!
    That is a real milestone well done. Don't see too many milestones like that these days. I get married in 10 months eeeekk.
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