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  • You are such a light here! You extended your hand in friendship to me during a dark time and I know how blessed I am to know someone like you! Love you my friend!
    Hi Vicki how are you? Sorry not been on for a while, moved into my new house on 7th Dec and not had any internet access until today! Hope you are doing okay? Love and hugs, Anne xx
    Hey not doing good but coping as best I can thanks fr asking. I saw where that ugly Tracy or whatever bombarded you with hate. I'm so sorry. She is a piece of work!
    Our Wal-Mart here in Randleman doesn't for some reason. But, our little local stores, (Quick Mart, Melvins, and etc) have their own coupons in the papers on Coke, Pepsi, bacon, milk & etc. and it does make it cheaper than Wally World. I love it when on the way home from Wally World we have to stop at the Quick Mart to buy Coke so she can use a coupon. And... buy a scratch ticket. I've written about Ann before... I try to do whatever she gets a kick out of. (But... a year ago she did have a $1000 dollar scratch ticket. I haven't said a word since then. I don't play them.)
    (Wanted to leave your last post open for others to follow.) Wal-Mart doesn't take Internet coupons. :) She drives me nuts with those coupons. But... it makes her happy. (Like, "See Hon, we saved $3 dollars and 15 cents." Then buys a $5 dollar Lottery Scratch ticket.) :)
    Happy New Year! I'm working today and tomorrow we leave to see my dad. I can't wait. We are going to leave early in the morning because snow is in the forecast. I wish I had wi-fi in the car so I could kill sometime on the way. I will spend most of my time with dad but kind of hope to hit one of their malls to for a little bit. We don't have one in our town. Take care, Kim
    sorry sometime in past I would go on this site by entering mnd-als speak out forum, realize it is now als/mnd support group forums. when I pull your name up on facebook there is no send friend request button. are you accepting friends, if so would you send me a friend request.
    Yes I am ok thanks, although my symptoms with my feet appear to have more annoying effects at the moment. To the point where my other foot is now popping and weird sensations in it aswell the usual toe on the right foot. I had an MRI of my head on Christmas Eve so waiting the results . But my neurologist copied me in a letter he sent to my gp saying that there were no signs of any neurological diseases. And I can confirm that I don't have any weakness after 3/4 months. Just the sensations in my feet and sometimes my hands which feels like little bugs under my skin. And the odd cold burning sensations in feet.
    I just know that with your attitude you have had a good Christmas. Thank you for taking the time to encourage others, and show that life can still be good with this difficult disease. Keep up with you sense of humor, and I will continue to pray that you are blessed with a Happy New Year.
    Just want to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year...You are an inspiration to me and so many here!
    Where do you find those lamp shades ? They are very unique, and your lamps are beautiful. I can see how you could get addicted to that, there are so many options that you can make.

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