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  • other things ive noticed is my toes and feet are always crackling and popping as if the bones are catching, and also my fingers and hands feel weaker than usual, i had a not so heavy dumbel in my hand and was walking forward and back when at the gym and i couldnt maintain the grip for too long
    I just rang my neuro secretary again and she said that my results havent been reported on yet, and that its normal procedure, try call back middle of next week.... But what are your impressions from this? Lately I still get the sensations and toe spasms but ive almost forgot about them
    Hi Vicky,

    I hope you are well,

    I had my Head MRI results back and they were fine which is good.

    I had my EMG on Saturday AM which only lasted for 15/20 mins which involved patches put on different areas of my body and making them jump. Then they put needles in my right leg and right arm and asked me to push against them. I asked the emg person and he said he couldn't see any signs of myopathy but was going to loook and compile the report after. I asked him if he could see anything in terms of ALS and he said your neuro didnt request to look for that. So I dont know what he meant by that. I rang yesterday and the Neuro's secretary hadn't had my results back yet. Should I be worried?
    Thank you so much for your reply, I think it just helped me to post and get a little of my anxiety out of my mind and I really appreciate your advice.
    When I was at dad's I met a friend of his who was, just diagnosed with ALS and he was in much better spirits than I am now! He asked me to pray for him and I do and I will take your advice and try my very best to stop concentrating on it, it can be tough as I live alone but I have family and friends to talk to and that helps, and you have helped to thanks agin!
    Feeling so happy seeing your are such a beautiful soul! You bring the sunshine :)
    Oh crap your back! Just kidding! We are all glad you are back. We were going to hunt you down.
    Hi sweetcheeks ,just wanted to say night night . Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers .
    See you tomorrow ,love you.
    Vicki, you are an amazing woman, and a fighter,(I mean that in the best possible way). I do not know why you think or feel like you should leave this forum, but it is apparent by many post here that many care for you, and appreciate your input and positive attitude. We have to lose friends to this terrible disease already, please do not make us lose a friend through stupidity.(Not talking about you)
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