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  • I am new to the forum & not sure how all of this works, suggestions on how I get started with telling my story of MMN?
    So, I am going on my 3rd night with hardly any sleep!! My legs wake me up aching & have to get up and move around. I do take Requip for restless leg but I am afraid this has something to do with my MMN!! Next IVIG is in 2 weeks & that can't here fast enough, that seems to really help with things. Prayers are needed for rest, please :)
    Hello, I was diagnosed with Multifocal Motor Neuropathy, still trying to get used that one!! I have started IVIG infusion therapy seems to be helping my hand strength has improved some & the twitching is not as bad.
    My husband has been super supportive this has brought us even closer, we met in high school..awhhh
    This have been a crazy ride since February I think I have gone almost every emotion but still battle each day of why me????
    My kids are trying tounderstand but they are teenagers & involved in many things. Family & friends are great, my co-workers are the best & are always making sure I am doing okay.
    I was just curious if there anyone in this support group that has MMN & could give me some insight on this disease, I have ready many things but would to talk with someone that has this too.
    God Bless :)
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