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  • Veteran, I recommend choosing to make your post in the very first subforum which is labeled "General Discussion." Lots of vets hang out there.
    Veteran, here's how to make a new post.

    From here, look above the bold black “Conversation between Atsugi and Veteran” and see the skinny link ALS/MND Support Group Forums. Click on those words. This takes you to the main forum so you can see all the subforums. Choose one and click on it.

    At the top of some subforums, there are sticky posts that stay stuck to the top for your reading enjoyment. Below the stickies are the threads that people have started in order to make conversations.

    Now look above the stickies. Above the thick blue bar with the title of the subforum, you’ll see a blue button that says “New Thread” Click on it and you can make a new thread: Title it, enter your story, ask your questions, and when you’re done writing, go waay down at the bottom to press Submit New Thread. That’s all there is.

    (Don’t add links or images, as that will send your post to the moderation queue, where it will sit for hours until one of us moderators approves it.)
    Hi, Veteran. Did you mean to post a message to yourself? You might want to post on the forum, instead, so everyone can see it.
    I had a VA SAH housing grant approved a few months ago, but have had a difficult time finding contractors who are qualified and will work with the VA. I live in Cypress, Texas and would appreciate any positive information any of you may have.
    Hello Minions,

    My first problem was in December of 2013. I was hospitalized with pneumonia and had severe tremors after my release. The initial weakness started then also, but was initially attributed to getting older as I was 66 at the time.

    The twitching actually started after I noticed the weakness. It was not very noticeable until January of 2015. I also had a change in my speech in January of 2015. It became quite slurred at times. I do not drink alcohol, but I sounded like I was drunk. Now my speech is very hard to understand all the time and I often run out of breath when I talk. I have never had a vibrating feeling.

    Some other background which may or may not help.
    U.S. Army Infantry - June 1968 - June 1973 (Viet Nam 1970-1971)
    Smoker for 53 years - quit in 2013 - diagnosed with COPD in 2012.
    Heart stent in January of 2015

    I suggest you see your neurologist and then get a second opinion about ALS.

    Good Luck!

    Hi Veteran,

    Thank you to my post about symptoms. I am wondering if you could give me more of a timeline of yours if you wouldn't mind. I don't see my neurologist until the end of October, so I thank you for your information. How long after the whole body twitching did you notice weakness? How long after your first symptoms did you notice something was wrong? What was the first "wrong" symptom? Do you also have a vibrating feeling?

    Again, thank you for your time!
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