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  • Hi Veggiepete,
    As to how I'm doing I'm sure happy to have my blessed wife with me who is such a good partner! Also, I'm sure feelin' weakness on my left side. I use a cane most all the time now and unfortunately I don't relish the idea of getting out all that much just to do shopping, etc. I do enjoy going places to visit friends though.
    How are you doing? I often wonder how you are doing.

    Only lower motor neuron signs -- that's great! With that condition I would definitely not give up on having mmn.
    Veggiepete - I hope you can eventually get your Ivig in the future. I am doing okay, all things considered. I still live on my own but am engaged. Went to the VA in Seattle yesterday to see about straightening out the fingers on my left hand. I see a splint in my future. I use a cane about half the time with my ankle to foot support although I sometimes just use my over-the-counter ankle supports with my cane instead, which I prefer, although I have to be more careful of not falling doing this. So far, everything is still on my left side - and this is almost the end of my 3rd year of symptoms. By the way, what is "Imn"
    HI Pete.
    You probably know me from the MNDA forum. DaiTheDragon on there. I joined here as well as I don't think you can too much help when dealing with this bloody awful disease.

    Hi pete,that phone call is puzzling....he has not given a clear diagnosis?
    Which ever way works I hope you are successful for a baby....they are a joy....till they reach puberty lol.
    Hope you have a great trip away,forcast not good but hoping the sun will shine on you.
    Take good care pete.
    Hi pete,i read about your latest appointment. It is frustrating having to wait and see,i had 7yrs of it.
    Wondered with your lack of umn signs and slower progression with lmn stuff if it could be pma....progressive muscular atrophy. Hows the ivf/fertility going? Still going ahead?
    I know its easier to say but try not to worry too much till you know more.
    Take care. caroline.
    Hi pete,just dropping by to say hello. How are you? When do you go for your next appointment?
    Hope you have a good day,take care.
    haven't been online for a few days, but thanks for the friend request, it's accepted now. My PALS has been away for 2 weeks visiting his sister and mother, and came back on Thursday, then we were off to neurologist on Friday, then just enjoying the weekend together. So much deterioration in just 2 weeks, I'm stunned :( We are waiting with you mate, this is a great place for support indeed.
    Hi pete.
    Sorry i'm just getting back to you,not been on for a week.
    Sorry to hear your latest news from neuro,did he say definite or possible? It must be very worrying for you especially with the fertility treatment and planning a family.
    Its best not to think too far ahead and just take things one day at a time.
    If theres anything I can do to help or you just need an ear to chew ,I will do my best to help.
    Please keep in touch,take good care.
    Hi pete,thankyou for your update.
    I am well aquainted with sods law lol.
    Its a shame about the neuro appointment but hopefully you wont have to wait too long for another.
    I really hope all goes well with the ivf treatment....I was told at a young age I could not have children but by some miracle I did get pregnant with my son though nearly lost him around 10wks into pregnancy. Would have liked another(girl)but sadly it was not meant to be.
    How are you with progression?
    Hopefully we are going to get back the great weather we had from next week......as my son says...i'll believe it when I see it.
    Take good care pete,keep in touch.
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