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  • Hi Valya, thanks for the pm! Sounds like you definitely have your hands full, especially when hubby's out of town! Have you checked out the tea thread? Aly started it originally, and Ann (AbbasChild) had a great second post... Come join us, even if you prefer coffee, we'll add another place at our table.
    Hi dear, I was so glad to see you on Today. I think about you and your boys and family everyday. My son is going through some scary health problems as the moment. I am just praying, he is not going to have MND. I cannot imagine him and me both. I just hate this happening to Johnny. You say he has lost weight? Is he still able to do the things he likes? How is his strength? how is his walking? Gosh we need a cure, Yesterday.. You are in my thoughts and Prayers.
    hey you.
    I think about you sooooo... much. You are on such a journey. I hope you have some good days. I hope you can stop and smile and say that was something that made me smile. I hope you know that you... are wonderful. And I understand why you do not come here often. Hugs to you special lady.
    Johnny must be brilliant. That similuator, is something I can barely spell.. You are the most special of people.. Always sending husg.
    Great pics,Valya! Thank you for sharing. Like everyone else, we are praying for you.
    hey there-great Wash DC pics, I love the one with the Washington Monument in the background. Johnny looks like a great kid, or should I say, young man. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
    Johnny, Is so handsome, I just know we are close to a cure. My son looks so much like Johnny. Hang tough, he has a smile that can cure anything.
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