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  • Hi Vaibhav, I came across your post through Google. Your anxiety or fear of ALS can be cured in a single session with this guy who worked with some of my friends with similar and other issues. You can check out the website LimitlessEQ.com because he's based in Mumbai as well. The contact details are on the website. He typically gets results in a single session using NLP and other methods.
    Take care. :)
    You don't have foot drop and that is a natural dent. When are you going to stop this ALS nonsense? I really don't want an answer . . . just stop!
    Hi Wright, Sorry for bothering you again, two questions, i did my clinical and EMG done again and it was absolutely normal again. Reflexes of 2++

    Q1: i had a feeling that i dragged my feet once walking on an uneven surface (That prompted another EMG- 8th in 5 months of twitching) and took it for foot drop- then i walked for 3 km and no foot drop at all. Is it possible to have a foot drop and then normal walk.

    Q2: i See a small dent in my shin muscle have attached an image for your observation do you think it is muscle wasting or just a natural dent.


    is it possible for someone to have normal reflexes and normal emg despite MND
    Lori does not have ALS. You read the story incorrectly. I know this for a fact, because I know Lori. Enough of this ALS-nonsense!
    Those people had upper motor neuron problems, so they had signs and symptoms consistent with ALS . . . YOU DON'T! The respiratory muscles and the bulbar muscles are completely unrelated. Yes, you can EMG the respiratory muscles, so if you want to waste your time and money, go ahead.
    Patricia is wrong. It's as simple as that. Stop with this ALS nonsense. You do not have it!
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