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  • I'll be in Texas April 20-May 25th. I'm not sure about the exact date of a reunion yet but I'll let you know! How are you doing?
    A bunch of us are in Texas and are trying to schedule a reunion. Want to? We've got Cyprus, Gun Barrel, Plano, and Me in Mansfield. To respond, click on the "View Conversation" link in the lower right of this message. That way your response will show up on my home page. Whatcha think about a gathering?
    I was working for Hytek as they were refurbishing a pork plant purchased from the Hutterites. I came home for Christmas and was stirring a crock pot of soup. I lifted the handle and it stuck with the whole thing slamming down when it came loose. Third degree deep tissue burns to 35% of the body. Some places still healing.
    Don't stop efforts for appointments. Yep Ottawa- nation's COLD capital- almost as chilly as Portage & Main in Winnipeg.
    Ok- so what the heck were you doing in a crock pot in Neepawa?? What kind of work were you doing up here?
    Hi- Just read your posts- I checked internet- seems Dr. Gil Wolfe is now at Buffalo - so maybe you can go back to the clinic @ Southwestern and get "un-banned"?

    Hope so- cuz it sounds like you are having a tough time! Hang in there!
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