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    Question to ALL:

    MaggyQ, first - sorry, I've spelled your name twice wrong...-:) I am surprised to hear that your fasciculations came AFTER the muscle waste? I thought they preceeded that. My father had fasciculations 2 yrs before any hand weakness finally was noticed. Anyone else's comments on that?
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    Question to ALL:

    Again, thanks for your responses. MaggieQ, there is some similarity in what you describe, although seems my father's muscles to begin with must have been much stronger, hence stilll holding him pretty well, especially the thigh ones, have some "dents," but still pretty much in tact. With him...
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    Question to ALL:

    Thanks! MaggyO, what is the current state of your leg(s)? Do you have any muscle athrophy on the affected leg? Has your walk been further affected? I guess, what I am trying to get some feeling for is the time-table from foot drop, to severe muscle athrophy in calfs, to inability to...
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    Question to ALL:

    -:) If anything can put up a real fight with als - it's the remote! No matter how worn and slippery it may be from use... He is fine with breathing and upper body in general. Hands are weak but have leveled off and both are now the same. He has strength in biceps, it's the hands & wrist to...
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    Question to ALL:

    Thanks Terri, It seems this has taken time to develop. My father did not have any problems with his legs, such as stumbling, falling, etc. - rather it was fumbling fingers which brought on the attention. Actual first symptoms noted start of 2003, mainly fascic. and cramps, but diagn was not...
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    Question to ALL:

    Hello everyone, Sorry I have not participated in a long time - life has just been difficult..., and I will leave it at that. Please, can you give me some input as to the followng: From the moment one develops a "foot drop," what is to be expected later on, is the progression at all...
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    Waiting for ALS diagnosis and frightened

    Hey Richard, I am with you on the Michael "thing" - it can make you mix up the dates for sure...-:) Wondering about Wendy also.
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    Eric Edney and Even Better Now - Don't Be Fooled By This Scam

    Just to mention my own experience with Eric's book/etc: When my father was diagn with als, of course, I went on the internet to search for information. Of course, Eric's site was one of the first ones to come up. I called "his doctor's" office so that I may hear in person from the doctor who...
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    R+Pramipexole Drug Study Hello, The link above should cover that issue.
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    Dad came home!

    Dear Dana, You, your family and most of all - your dad - will be hearing a lot of hearthy welcomes and good wishes from everyone here! Best to you all,
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    Detox updates anyone?

    Hello Dave, I am also in the process of researching for the right DETOX combination: My reasoning is as folows: my father was diagn with both als and Lyme. Our approach has been to target the immune system, i.e. give it as much boost and help so that it may fight the Lyme bacterias while...
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    Hello Fotios! Sorry my inbox was full - could not receive the message. Glad to hear back from you. Feel free to contact me,
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    The diagnosis- it is ALS

    Hi Dave, You have the right attitude, and from the posts I/ve seen from you elsewhere - it is apparent you are poised for a fight! That's the only way - and you will find it - we all have, somehow. Best,
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    ALS and toxins?

    Re: ALS and toxines? Hello, Hope no one here is annoyed at my bringing up this subject rather often - I do it only as a subject of consideration, amongst all other possible paths we are testing, trying and exploring in our search for way out of this dreadful situation: There is a wide...
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    29 yr. old brother

    So sorry to see your post! While I can not disregard the als diagnose, the sinus infection got my attention: has your brother been tested for the Bb (Lyme bacteria)? In my father's case, he was in super phisycal shape, except for 5-8 years had been constantly running on and off dental-type...