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  • Hi Unsettled5,

    So, understand that I'm not saying there's nothing wrong with you. I just don't see how it can be als, with the symptoms you're having. Sounds more like a pinched nerve or something.

    Anyway, don't increase your problems with anxiety. Relax. Be very happy that it more than likely is not als (of course, I can't know that for sure, and I'm not a DR.). Also, be happy that the tests are coming back normal! That's a good thing!

    Whatever is bothering you will either get worse, or it will go away. If it gets worse, you'll find out what it is with more tests and Dr.s (sad but true). If it goes away......well.

    Hope you figure it out,
    Thank you Steve I do appreciate the response, that does settle me a bit. But yeah I started looking it up on google and I shouldn't have. Started getting a bit edgy when tests start coming back normal and what ever is going on seems to be progressing. Thank you again.
    Take care
    Hello Unsettled5,

    You are a 24 year old male. Right off the bat, your odds of having als are extremely low. So lighten up on that fear. The symptoms you described are so trivial, compared to als symptoms, it's not even funny.

    Heavy drinking....headache....check. Those little twitches (which you probably Googled and your search sent you here), are common to every living person on the planet at some time or another. Almost all of those are 'normal', like over working something, or benign.....meaningless.

    There is a condition called BFS (benign fasciculation syndrome), maybe you want to Google that. However, if you read for many, many hours on this site, and you begin to understand the symptoms of als, then surly you will realize that yours do not fit.

    Go out, live your life, be happy......stop worrying so much. If you have something really bad, it will be more evident in time. In the meantime, chill out.....and don't drink so much, ha.

    Good luck,
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