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  • Dear Ulf,
    I read your post of August 2014 which was very informative. Thank you. I have had ALS for five and a half years as a slow progression. I am very interested in getting on the MS medications you tried. How would you recommend my doing that? I hope you're doing as well as can be expected. Thank you very much for your time.
    You are so knowledgable about ALS I am in the mix of the horror of getting diagnosed my symptoms are respitory muscle weakness muscle twitching cramping and throat problems beem to 7 of the top neourologists in philadelphia yet they dont know can you recommend anything o can take or supplement with or any strategies you use to help in against this monster I was as physically fit and healthy as a 47 year old can be just5 months ago I can still walk and jog a lotgle bit im totally out of breath on the littlest of exertoon I still push tjrough with anger and not going to.stop.until.it totallt stops me thankyou for your wealth of information and I wish you.the best appreciate ypu listening and reading thanks
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