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    CK levels

    Have a look here : [URL=""][/U Udo
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    trying to keep the breathing muscles Here comes hopefully the link. Udo
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    trying to keep the breathing muscles

    There are a lot of articles about of breathing articles, but this one decribes the breathing exercices in detail. Udo
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    fysiotherapy YES it helps (in my case)

    Very interresting, can't you cpoy and paste the content to google translator ? If these pages are scanned, you might try to the rtf format, as the content is better to copy and paste it. Udo
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    Can having cough cause respiratory failure?

    I asume that these pO2 val ues have been measured during daytime , values during nightime below 90% should be worried.. When she did get the pCO2 measured from the arterical blood and what was the % ? Udo
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    RCH4 Drug stopped by Dr. Bedlack

    I must protest at some comments here. My decline was 1.3 ALSFR points per month over 2 years. Since starting this drug I am stable. My decline has completely stopped. Due to untrue SCAM headlines, my drug supply will end due to lack of funding. A moderator comment: this post belongs in Rants...
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    How Many are still taking Tudca?

    Hi Kim, I take 1 g per day for financial reasons. Futhermore I think Mike took Tudca before he passed away. Udo
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    Eye Gaze tech, who is using what?

    I use the Eye X from Tobii, and I am totally satisfied . Beside from the Hardware requirements ( USB 3, at least Intel I5 ) and using the freeware Optikey, a great program with endless adjustments in the mangement console, you can realize for less then 200 bucks. Udo
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    CBD, THC, etc Dosage

    Hi Greg beside the slow progression did you notice any other effect on spacisty or pain ? Udo
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    Creatine Kinase Total Serum Level

    By chance I found the following study: Creatine kinase enzyme level correlates positively with serum creatinine and lean body mass, and is a prognostic factor for survival in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - Rafiq - 2016 - European Journal of Neurology - Wiley Online Library According to this...
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    Monitoring oxigen saturation and pulse

    I 've got my one with a record function, where it is possible to record my oxidimeter values during the night. They say that you really can use this values instead of the actual measured one during daytime. And indeed my O2 % was during the night 2% less then during daytime. But you can also see...
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    Problem with Tobii PCEye

    I understand that the EYE-X is the cheaper and very accurate system. I prefer to use the freeware OptiKey instead of any Tobii software. Very professional piece of software with flexible settings. You might give it a try. Udo
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    New study results for Methylcobalamin

    Since I read this article I take 5 mg daily as sublingual tablet - very affordable !
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    from Washington University

    It was new October 31'st, but the link was missing. I try herewith again: In ALS, Astrocytes Use Ion Pump to Blast Motor Neurons | ALZFORUM Udo
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    from Washington University

    Here is an update information from today: In ALS, Astrocytes Use Ion Pump to Blast Motor Neurons | ALZFORUM It ain't gonna be that fast (as to be expected). Udo