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  • Hi TxRR,
    Hope you are doing well.
    My mom was recently diagnosed with Bulbar ALS and we are looking into alternative treatment options for her. I came across the thread where you mentioned trying out Stem cell treatment at Celltex in Houston. Could you please share if you did go ahead and pursue it and your experiences? I appreciate your response.
    Thank you!
    TxRR, hi, I am new to this forum but my boyfriend has PLS and wanted to read your story about the VA and PLS.How did you do it? Ed was in the Navy. VA has helped out a lot but we need milford personal lift to get him in the van.Have the lift for the Mobity chair but now can't get him in van. Seems like they VA won't pay. Thanks for you time and hope to hear back.

    Yes, born and raised in Houston, Texas. Im 37 YOA and diagnosed with PLS.

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