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  • I am a member to a couple of military forums. Believe me... they won't use the "IGNORE" button. But they'll type out a post wanting someone banned or blocked. And... they seldom say specifically who.
    My sister said there are two clinical trials going on. Don't know the names of them. Ask the doctor and get on a list a.s.a. p. It is hard to get in one because they have such a short supply. New stuff is being approved everyday so stay positive. Let me know how your appointment goes and what you think of the clinic. Take care, Kim
    Hi Karen. I've seen you've posted a bit the last few days. Hope everything is good with you and your husband. I'll let you know about next Thursdays visit.
    Can you tell what goes on the fist time you go to Dallas? The told me I have a EMG/NCS and a 1 hour consult.
    Hi, was wondering what you do about teeth cleaning. I can't swallow water, have a feeding tube and want to prevent issues with oral cleanliness??? Appreciate any info.
    Pray for you often.
    Hi! My brother and sister both live in Dallas. They both work for AT&T. My brother is a lawyer and accountant and is junior partner with the company and then my sister has a real good job with them in the human resource department. Then I live here in Central Illinois where my dad also has his home.
    Hi Txgirl. Go to the website Winning the Fight and sign in to be able to see the protocol and get lots of pertinent info. Good luck!
    Thank you, most days I still hope maybe they're wrong. Did you go to Dallas to get diagnosed? I'm thinking about getting a second opinion from a practice there. I hope things are not too bad for you.
    Sorry to see you here, but thankful to see another Texan native. Sounds like we had diagnosis about the same time! Staying encouraged!
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