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    Red shiny painful toes

    TtRe: Red shiny painful toes Being hot and spreading could indicate infection
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    Hey u still hanging in there

    Hey u still hanging in there
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    Hey Andy , merry Christmas ! This yr has brought more losses than most . I can't walk or...

    Hey Andy , merry Christmas ! This yr has brought more losses than most . I can't walk or transfer anymore, my lungs r at 13% , my arms r much weaker with little shoulder movement, lastly my speech is absolutely crap. But such is life . I'm entering the 6 th yr since it started and shouldn't...
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    A CALS wish to PALS

    I have left a letter and cd with boys ll men song 'thank you' for mum my cals. After reading your post, I will add about being a good carer to make sure she knows. Sorry for your loss
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    Hey Andy , I'm a little worse for wear some days but shouldn't complain . It's spring here so...

    Hey Andy , I'm a little worse for wear some days but shouldn't complain . It's spring here so everything looks beautiful outside. I know you're a man of few words , so I'll just say I hope you're going ok
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    Definitely not just males. I was 6 months into symptoms when it started , only 28 and no children .
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    I take oxybutin. Doesn't cure it, just buys time to get to the bathroom. Info from MND Australia says MOST ppls bladder and bowels aren't affected. :(
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    Don't mean to hijack...

    Vince , I'm just so happy for you !
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    Progressive EMGs?

    Yes dr Henderson in Brisbane was doing something like this. Not sure if it was his study or the young dr working with him and not sure why. I did one and it wasn't a normal emg. They used different voltages but I can't remember if it started high or low and then it increased or decreased. I...
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    Sorry to welcome another fellow Aussie. I wouldn't have thought a gp could refer you to a massage therapist? Are you under a private health care fund? Either way I Did find massage helpful just make sure they're not too rough or it could make things worse , plus I found it could set off cramps...
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    Caring for 24yo son, anyone else?

    Hi Gail, I was diagnosed just after I turned 29 and my mum has been caring for me for 3 and a half years. I showed her your post and she said she is more than happy to talk to you if you're interested. if you are let me know and I can help her register . She reads my posts anyway and we have...
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    frequent urination

    It's not common but I've had urge incontinence from 6 months into my symptoms..the neurologist said its something to do with the frontal lobe But like the above advice I would check its not medical first, like infection prostate diabetes etc and try the other above advice For me I'm...
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    Have a little patience

    Oh Vince I feel ya. My mum bless her soul finishes my sentences when talking . I told her nicely it is frustrating 'if she got it right it'd be ok' so now she tries not too. She said said she thought it made it easier than struggling to talk. I use speak it on the iPad, I found it faster than...
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    Short survey

    I haven't bothered with clinics for nearly two years.6 hour round trip and 4 hours at the clinic just wasn't worth it. But I have emergency numbers for the sleep physicians and can teleconference them with neuro when needed . The local hospital ot , physio, speechy and pal care nurse come out...
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    I tried getting my cals to use a white board or something as I had the same issue, but I think suggesting it upset her. I've never had any patience so having ALS has been a steep learning curve for me. I look at it a few ways. My cals has never had a great memory or hearing and just because...