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  • Melody. Hi My name is Melody Miller. My sister AnnMarie ia a moderatore on the forum. We have gotten a lot of people to vote for Stu. A lot people are having a hard time voting and I noticed the votes are not going up. Would you please contact me and let me know if something is wrong. Thank You.
    Thank you Melody,
    It's kind of you to say that; and helpful as well because I love to think that I can contribute in some way to the lives of others who are facing these same issues. Hope that things are well for you!
    I'm ok thanks, getting pretty tired and more wobbly every day it seems but so far I am managing. How is your other half doing? And how are you doing?
    Melody, you cannot attach a file to a PM or to a visitor message either. All you can do is post a link to a website or a picture on the web. I guess the only thing to do is to get an email address and send the file that way, sorry. Take care.

    Its a long shot (obviously) but, over the years I always heard how good and kind this Dr Parrish was. He was (I believe) pretty up there in years back when he married my parents, and this was right after the war had ended.

    How is your hubby? Anything new? I'm ok, I'm progressing some a little faster lately than I had been, but still its pretty slow.

    Thanks Melody- his passing is hard - but not has hard as watching him have ALS - so I am trying to believe in his resurrection and going with faith.

    I keep meaning to ask you this, and never seem to get around to it. Are you any relation to a Dr Parrish, who pastored a Baptist church in Miami during the 1940's? My parents were married by a Dr Parrish (the'd lived in SW Miami since early childhood, and I'm a native of there) I do not know how common the name is, but thought it didn't hurt to ask. :)
    Melody, finally found a way to view your albums. Remember, I've only been here a month, can't find things sometimes. You are so lucky to have a large beautiful family..THOSE PLANES!!!!! My boyfriend is going to go ape. He was a recreational pilot.....and will really enjoy those shots. I can tell your husband has been a photographer for a long time.Take Care.
    Melody, you are so right! How are you, personally. Please let me know how your husband is. I hope your life is not so difficult as it can sometimes be as a caregiver. Are your twins frats or idents? Now, that sounds fun, no matter!!!!!
    I was trying to tell ND I thought she was prankster, because of saying there was no healthcare available, I wasn't sure about Florida but I was pretty sure they had a lot of immigrants there, and public that's what I meant when I said Melody got her. You got the first clue to her fraudulence.....I'm stil not totally positive(would hate to think it)...but then, like you I was sure when she started back up with new and old and same symptoms. I hope I am wrong,but in a way it would be better if she's really OK. Still learning, Melody.
    Melody, just curious. Did you think chrissy might be a prankster? I mean, I was going to send her the info on the public hospitals, too. You answered my question, because we have them in Texas too. I thought her responses might be feigned.Let me know if I can do anything to help you. thinking of you and your husband.
    hi melody i hope all is going ok for you and your husband .i hope god grants both of you a day full of laughter and peace godbless jeff
    I have read so many, I can't remember exactly.....but I know it was very informative and well constructed. I just knew I had to let you know it stuck in my mind....I even put it in my favorite places, but I had to totally revamp my computer earlier today, and everything I had saved was erased.
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