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  • Hi tweety, so sorry to hear your husband has been diagnosed with ALS. Horrible as it is, it's good to know it's going slow. Welcome to the forum!
    I am wanting to blog but dont know how. i go to my blog tab and it is just editing type thing but no blog. can some one please help me. thank you tree
    My husband ws just diagnosed this past Thuresday July 19, 2012. I was a shock but it wasnt at the same time. We were half way expecting it. He has been going through test after test for three yrs and nothing until he had an EMG in june showing lower motor neuron were effected. He has slowly gone down hill. The Dr. said that is progressing very slowly. I feel like i am on a emtional roller coaster cry one minute then get angry, then we r laughing about something stupid.
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