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  • Have you checked out the Myasthenia Gravis forums? I had "asthma" which turned out to be relieved by Mestinon. What I have is aggravated by heat. Myasthenia Gravis is a horribly scary disease and potentially fatal. I can easily imagine people without a diagnosis of that disease ending up on here because the sensations of the disease drive them to a fatal disease site. Your tremors don't fit in that paradigm but look there and look at other forums where people do have tremors. When you find a forum where people welcome you and don't end up discussing your weight because they can't understand your serious problem adequately in the context of that forum, you may be closer to knowing what you have ... more "minor" diseases can make you feel like dirt and kill you too. (But I wouldn't be hooked on "asthma" and "sleep apnea" either -- there's "minor" but there's also "too minor").
    snoring is one of the number one signs of sleep apnea, sigh. Get off the ALS train.
    Most cases of ALS are diagnosed between the ages of 50 and 70. The percentage of people diagnosed with ALS prior to the age of 30 is about 5% . . . so you being 31 . . . are close to that very rare range.
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