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    No mum, no christmas..

    Thanks for reading all of the entries, it means alot! I know that my mother wants me to move on and to celebrate christmas happy. She wanted me to live a good life. Yes but the counselling does not work and i dream nightmares every night about mums death. The answer is no, all our decorations...
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    No mum, no christmas..

    Christmas is heading our way, joy is spreading, laughters echoing and gifts are being purchased. Last christmas was strange, mum was in the hospital but the whole family, grandmas, grandpas, relatives, sisters and brothers had a mutual celebration, we were celebrating for mum as well. She layed...
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    You got your wings!

    I can not find words for there is none that can describe what happened and how it affected so many . All memories, all smiles and laughs . Helene was not just a mother , she was also a friend , colleague and wife. She believed in goodness, that there was something good in everyone no matter what...
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    Everything for you mum!

    I was my mothers caregiver. When i was 13-14 it all begun. As the disease took over her life more and more i stood there by her side. In the beginning it was easy, she could do most things on her own but as the disease got to her more and more it became much worse. She was once an independent...
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    140311, the day..

    140311 my dear mother passed away. She had struggled with ALS three years, 8 months of them properly diagnosed. She fought for so long. The last 10 months in her life she layed in a hospital-bed unable to speak, move, eat or breath on her own. It was a living hell, all the questions, all the...
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    I am so sorry to hear about your mum! I know the pain. Take care and keep on fighting!

    I am so sorry to hear about your mum! I know the pain. Take care and keep on fighting!