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  • In may of 2013 I had a mysterious back injury that no one was able to diagnose. As my back slowly started to feel better I developed a severe shortness of breath problem. This problem went on and on with every kind of doctor visit imaginable. Just this week it all ended with a diagnosis of ALS.

    At the time of the back injury I was training for a half Ironman, with my eyes on a full Ironman the following year, this was my dream. I am writing this not to get your sympathy, but to encourage anyone who reads this not to put off their dreams.

    In my arrogance I had always believed that if you took away my legs I would be a wheelchair athlete, take away my arms and I could still run, take away my sight and I could run with my dog. Now all my limbs, my breathing and even my voice are being taken away. I was a foolish person and wasted too many years that could have been spent fulfilling my dreams.

    I want to encourage all of you who read this to work hard, and fulfill your dreams.
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