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  • Just stopped by to see if you had been back yet. I KNOW you are coming back I just KNOW IT! Yes, I know its slightly alarming that I miss someone that I've never met lol. But you know I'm a crazy troll :) Hurry back on FB so I can bug you!!
    Do I need to come over there with some tough love? Whatever is going on, SUCK IT UP AND COME BACK!
    Miss you, buddy, and sending good thoughts and warm fuzzies your way... along with a jolt from my cattle prod.
    Allen, I hope to see your light on soon. I am very concerned, hoping for the best for you, we are missing you.....let us know please. {{HUGS}}
    Was praying to see your green light on :( Tuesday you said you were alright. I hope that still stands true! I'm worried:( I know you would reassure us all if you knew we were worried, so that makes me worry more!!! Prayers prayers for the green light ASAP !!!!!!!
    I wanted to say Hello.. Brooksea mentioned you have not been on the forum in a couple of days.. I do not like you missing for a day.. Hope your doing well my friend..
    Ok Allen, you've now missed roll call a couple of times... hoping all is ok with you my friend.

    Think I'll get the St. Bernards ready with the liquor in the barrels... or whatever they're called.
    Ok, you know I worry when you are missing :) praying for you and your family and just hoping that you ate taking a tiny break! Worry worry worry it's what I do best :)
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