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  • Hi alan,its been one whole year since you and al passed on........seems so much longer than that.
    I think of you everytime i'm on the forum (along with others)and theres still that ache in the heart.
    You'll never be forgotton could i ever forget my Mr T .
    Sweet dreams dear friend,till we meet again xxxxx
    It has been almost 2 sad difficult years since posting here last. I don't know what to say...
    I wish at least I could share better news with you and everyone here, but still no closer to diagnosis...
    Thank you for all you insight...peace...
    You are still in my thoughts dear allen and still missed so very much. xxx
    I really enjoyed your kindness and firmness with me when I first came on here and now I see you've passed. I can see you were well loved and missed. You really were patient and helpful
    I had to leave after you left us Allen. It was just too much. I miss you so much. A group of us stay in contact with Robin and make sure she gets a good laugh every now and then. Im hoping I can remember all your wisdom upon my return to these Forums. Love and Hugs. Miss you buddy.
    Allen, I have to believe you can still come read. You are loved and missed.
    The pain is so deep. I don't think I will ever get over losing you. I miss our late night runs and chats. Its not been the same since you left. Your gift of intelligence, knowledge and wisdom can never be replaced. I will miss you always.
    In my heart you will ever be,
    I wonder if you know how much you are truly missed. How different it is here without you. How much you helped so many people. We are all a little lost.
    WOW, I am truly blown away. You were one of the most helpful, caring people I have never met, no matter what you have an answer or knew where to get it. You truly told it how it was, good or bad. I know you are at a better place, give Annie a hug for me and know this site will never be the same without you. You were truly one of a kind my friend:)
    Oh no!!!! I just realized he's gone. He was so gruff and yet so helpful. He reached out to my sister who was diagnosed just last November. This illness is just so cruel and horrible!! While he could be a bit frightening at times, he knew when someone was really suffering and then he was incredibly sweet. Whoever is reading this, those close and far away, my condolences and thoughts. I hope his legacy remains for a very long time.
    The pain of your absence is just too much to bear. It hurts soo much Allen.
    I have said good bye to you, Al and my lovely horse silver, all in just a few short days. I can't stand it.
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