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  • ]Hi Lauren, I posted so pump questions on the forum and have gotten 0 responses so far. Would you be so kind as to read the post and respond?

    Thanks so much.

    Hi Lauren,
    I just want to be sure this reaches you before I go into my reason for messaging you. I saw a thread you started on the baclofen pump and just had some questions!
    Hi! I just read your post on a thread about using Botox for spasticity and what got my attention was your comment about walking fairly well on flat surfaces in warm weather, but "going Frankenstein," when there were variables. I'm new to reading posts. This is the 1st comment I've read about symptoms ^stressors. I have PLS with spastic legs, hips, hands recently, my arms. When I'm in stressful situations, I get tremors and jerks and prolly look like I have CP. I'm not the mellow type; so it happens when I'm in social situations, the doctor's office, etc. Sorry to be so long winded, but I am very curious about your experiences. I realize with myself, there is a psychological element involved, but it must trigger some physiological aspect of my body. I didn't do this before I started having the signs that ended me up at the Neurologist. I'd appreciate any thoughts you are willing to share. Thanks! Jeri
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