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  • Travelbugg,
    I really do appreciate your input. I agree, we have enough to worry about without stressing out every time we brush or wash our hair. I thought about taking a prenatal vitamin, but never crossed my mind to try the actual scalp treatment. Thank you, I try it out and let you know how it turns out.

    Hi ! I wasn't sure you would go back to that thread so I wanted to post my response here for you...

    "Oh travelbugg, Your posting brought tears to my eyes.
    Sometimes it's hard to feel fortunate in this process - but
    yes, I am lucky to still have my husband next to me in bed.
    I'm so so sorry for your situation and the FTD must make
    everything more challenging. Frankly, I can't even begin
    to imagine. Thank you for reminding me that we need to
    remember our blessings even in what seems to be the
    worst of times. hugs xo Nancy"
    THANK you for your posting on my question about breathing problems early-on.
    I felt better after reading your message and I wish you and your PALS peace and everything good.
    In friendship,
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