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  • My darling daughter has ALS. She was diagnosed in Oct. 2008. Everyone of us here knows the exact date of the diagnosis and how we felt. Tracey is my oldest child and a light in my life. She has a wonderful husband named George and three children, two boys and a girl. Tracey is only 40. For a while it seemed like she was holding ALS at bay. Her dad died in early 2010 and Tracey has rapidly deteriorated since then. They moved into a new house a year ago, it feels like she's making the house a home for them "in case she isn't around". It's funny how a number of her discussions start out with "Just in case I'm not around....". It's so hard to watch your child deteriorate.

    I'm so scared to lose her. Her husband and children....how can I help them? How do my other children deal with losing their big sister? My parents losing their first grandchild?
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