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    My Dear Sweet Ann, It's been a year now that you left us. I Miss your sweet smile and your...

    My Dear Sweet Ann, It's been a year now that you left us. I Miss your sweet smile and your comforting words. Although I know you're in heaven, I miss you. I am selfish and wasn't ready for you to leave us. Keep a chair near you and Diane for me. Will be there soon. My love to you always, Kimberly
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    Spasicity in legs .

    Please don't let an xi ety rule you. You have been cleared by your doc tor. Turn off the computer and don't look back. You may want to try mag be sium for mu scle spasms. All check out A bout b f s . C o m all scrunched together. Good luck
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    Sorry For Asking

    My post went to mod land. Hopefully will show up by the time you give us good news!
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    Sorry For Asking

    Short and sweet: Twitches are last in the progression and occur where the muscle is no longer receiving messages across the synapse Jerks possible myoclonic in nature? Not ALS Pain is not usually associated with ALS until much later stage, yours possibly Sciatica Please stop self testing...
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    And the Birthday Guy/Gal Is.....

    I don't know what happened to Anja, but today she is 43. Happy, Happy Birthday Anja. Praying that all is well with you.
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    Whine and Cheese

    Hmm, Lori, I have 3 dogs I would love to find a good home for. With me not able to supervise their care, I am afraid they are getting a little slighted in that department. I am going to reapply for SSI. I'm hoping since the a** is not providing any money, that they will consider me indigent...
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    Come for Tea

    Gosh, golly, gee whiz. I wished I ad known you were nearby Jim. I am about 2 and a half hours from Myrtle Beach. I also want you to know I use the Office of Aging bus service for my doctors appointments. Most of the drivers are retirees working for minimum wage and loving their job. It makes my...
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    The Fear is Wrecking My Life....

    Lotusbri, I have only one piece of advice for you. Turn off your computer and embrace life. Doc tor Goo gle is exactly what you pay for. You have a choice that only you can make. Please make the right one and move on. Hug your kids, something so simple but yet something so many of us can no...
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    My Mom...My Heart

    Patty, Your mother was a wonderful woman. And she raised a beautiful, caring and devoted daughter. Be at peace knowing she earned her wings and was embraced in the loving arms of those who have gone on before us. Sending hugs and payers, Kimberly
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    Final Stages

    I'm so sorry to hear of your moms passing. You were a wonderful daughter and caregiver. Sending prayers to you and your family, Kimberly
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    Whine and Cheese

    Kim, you must find the chocolate with zero calories. I myself eat it every day. Just kidding since I'm allergic to chocolate. Glad your dad is feeling better and he is at home with you for a while. I think you get the cheese award, as that is also the best Christmas present ever! Lori, you're...
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    And the Birthday Guy/Gal Is.....

    Happy, Happy Birthday to Kenwood 54!
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    1 Year Ago Today

    1 year ago today, we lost our matriarch of our family. Our Sweet, Sweet Ann, Abbas Child, was released and given her wings. Please take a minute and post something special about our Sweet Ann. I was in the nursing home and did not find out until much later. I remember my daughter reading me the...
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    Goodbye Daddy

    Chase, I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your father. You and your mother were wonderful caregivers. I will keep your family in my prayers. Kimberly
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    Clive has left the room...

    Mair, I am so sorry to hear of Clive's passing. My prayers are with you. A strong and loving couple. Sending prayers, hugs and comforting thoughts, Kimberly