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  • Love the Yellow flower Dorothy~ Thanks for the prayers, I really need them as the new room is totally opposite of my old room and I dont know how to make it work. I have to hang on to furniture to get around, but the new room doesnt look possible. Pray that I stay calm in the arms of God.
    love you much!
    Hey, I'm not seeing enough of you around here lately! Wishing you strength during your tough times. You were so kind and helpful to me when I first joined, and I thank you for that. Now, enough mushy stuff - get back here ... we need your sass. :)
    Well, it's Friday! Hoping the PWC arrived and that you are mobile! PLM has an old thread about PWC mishaps. Check it out for a fun read about whAt not to do with a PWC.
    Stay safe!
    Hey you, seems like a long time. Your such a special person, I hope you are doing the
    best you can with all the stress. We all have stress, do we not?

    Thinking of you
    Gentleman Jim
    Glad to hear you are okay Toto! We have all been worried about you. Take care and hope we hear more from you soon.
    Hi Toto, sorry I haven't been around the last month. Hope all is well with you. Thinking about you (good thoughts of course!)
    Toto hope all is going ok. Sorry I have been MIA lots going on. Hope to chat soon Thanks for the Birthday wishes
    We are all missing you, and I very much hope that your absence from the forum is because you have embarked on a whirlwind romance with a handsome billionaire leaving you no time for posting...
    TOTO WHERE ARE YOU?...Missing you, praying you are ok and in good hands. Love Ya {{{{HUGS}}}}
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