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  • Thanks, Toto! Looks like you were awake in the wee hours again. Hope things are going well for you and that you're enjoying being in the "drivers's seat" again.
    I was so stupid in my latest post on the Heartbroken thing. I totally forgot that his wife has bulbar onset and can't speak. I feel like a complete dumbass for that one for sure. Anyway, I am going to try to read more and post less. Think I got too much going on my head right now that I need to clear out on things. I do have a question though. My dad has trouble at time with his speech as well but when I ask him or my siblings that never say that he was diagnosed with Bulbar onset. Do almost all ALS patients have speech problems? I am sorry for causing friction on here and hope you will still be my friend on here. I noticed your birthday is listed as April 1st. That was my mother's birthday. Take Care, Kim
    I sorry Home Girl, been so busy with my son in school, senior this year. My daughter graduated Baltimore Institute of Maryland. I hope you are doing good. Hope your family is ok and they are takiqng good care of you. I sure do miss all my friends. I don't do the facebook thing. I PM you my e-mail address. You ever need anything and I mean anything you know how to get me. GOOOO RAVENS. R.I.P. Mr. Modell Miss You, Tammy
    I recieved a extremely hurtful and I feel very inappropriate message from Sadiemae. I am up to night crying because of it. Please view it on my Feeling Alone thread on the Other topics. Feel free to PM me with your thoughts. If you know who the moderator is on this forum please let me know. I'd love to talk to or PM him/her. If you know longer wish to be my friend on here feel free to delete me. However, I truly wish you the best and your in my prayers. Kim
    Welcome, Kimberly. Glad to hear from you. How are things going?
    I must say that since Krissy's passing, our littler family has become much closer. We're happy and the teens actually hug each other. They're together all the time, laughing and joking. I've returned to school, which is my only social outlet.
    Thanks for thinking of us. How are things in your neck of the woods?
    totes... facebook will not compute on this naff japanese thing .......it will take me a while to get it updated cos am a computer dull head.......loves you tooo babes.......johnny
    Hey TOTO~~~ Had some silver queen corn on Saturday and was thinking of you. It was deeeeelicious. Yummmmmmmm. Making you remember Maryland, fondly?????
    Hi Kimberly! Thanks for you comment about my picture, but I am curious about which picture your refering to?
    Toto, just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts here. Hope you are taking care. D
    Hi Toto,
    Hope you are having a good week. Our twins are pretty excited about high school so far. Our youngest son Eric isn't quite as excited since homework cuts down his computer time. lol My dad is going to make a quick trip home Labor day weekend. My brother has his class reunion and is coming home for that. Dad is getting alot weaker. I think he will be getting a chair soon. His breathing isn't real bad yet but they just got him a bi-pap or some type of mask to wear at night so he sleeps better. I worry about him so much. But, I know he's getting the best care possible through the ALS clinic in Dallas. They are right on it if he needs anything. Take care of yourself. Hugs, Kim
    My new room is working out fine, I have more help and the nurses and auds are very kind..... and the view is gorgeous of the cascade mountains and the water front....I am happily settled. But what a day moving was. When we had moved everything up the head nurse said I couldn't stay because DSHS wouldn't pay for it until all the paper work was finished!!! but Jacqueline called my community and asked if they would pay for it, and they said yes....just until the paper work comes through. So my heart dropped to the ground and then bounced back up. Its really is a miracle that they agreed to pay! Any way I am settled. Thank you for your prayers!
    The hot weather is coming our way...suppose to be 93 today! Thank God I have an air conditioner!!!
    love you much
    How are you doing? So, glad to see you back on the forum. You have alot of friends on here who care about you. They were beyond worried when you were missing in action. Hope you are having a good weekend? How is your chair working out? Hugs to you, Kim
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