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  • Hi, there! Could you get ahold of Allyoop and tell her to just start another thread for Tea....that is what we have done on Christian thread and Happiness Now thread
    I believe he's trying to reactivate it Dear One! I hope anyway. I hate change. They say change is good but I can't take more changes, you know?
    Tea thread is coming back...David asked for one hr. to work on it...you can see it now as its own thread but is still locked. Tea will resume soon friend!
    "Barry's Queennsland Adventure" under people with als. His friends and coworkers made a web site so he could see what they are up to. Hope that helps get you there.
    Thank you,for letting me know 'cause I was worried about you. Lol! Glad you're having fun! Be careful Girlfriend! Xoxoxo
    Sorry I don't know which post you are talking about. I have liked more than one today! Where in Kansas are you?
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