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  • Hi there, and thanks for missing me! We've had a few rough weeks.....he is progressing. Also, I'm a tax preparer and work is crazy, we had to go to court with the ex-wife who feels like he should pay her more since his time is short and she doesn't have as long as she thought to collect his checks, etc. Just a trying time. Mostly, I was just having trouble staying positive and having nice, uplifting things to say! :)

    But I'm grateful to have you thinking of me. This is very much why we all need each other! XO
    Hi Kim, I am Beach Bums daughter, he asked me to contact you. We want you know that Dad's surgery today went Great. He is in ICU now doing very well, gave us lots of thumbs up and even a few smiles! Its been a very long day but will see him again tomorrow morning, will keep you updated on his progress
    totos dot...u can be my pal anytime...always takes me a while to figure out how the accept part of pal works...cos am dull u sees....loves johnny
    Nope, He didn't want it. Am going to make up a new batch, and he says he will do it this time. We will see!!!
    Hi there! I haven't been on here for a while. I am seeing some new people and I wanted to say hi. We are in KS also. :) I am a caregiver to my husband. We have three school aged children at home. I am looking forward to getting to know you.

    Thank you for missing me :) we had like 3 people die in 10 days.A friend fell down with socks on and fell and hit her head, her husband upplugged her and we buried her friday, sat ex-sister in law, sat my hudbands sister,the the following monday my hubbies best friend died. I really hope we are done for a while. We had all the funeral stuff had to get a new funeral outfit, a person only has so many.(good excuse right).Then hubby and me used to work at the school where my son went, the school closed in June and the bank hired us to watch the building, and now they want it cleaned out. O M G, so far I have empties 130 of just paper in a funraising dumpster up the street, they I work at night at a Liquor store. It jusy never ends, you know ho it is. Miss YOU. I hope you are ok.
    Hi Kimberly,
    You are very kind. I have moved to an assisted living place and have to type in my speech device too numerous details of myself. My speech device is small and typing in it is very exhausting, as my hands are going also, but I think the worst of it is over. Annie and Michael were joys, weren’t they?
    Hopefully I will see them sooner than later, but not my will but the Lords. Thank you for your prayers, I definitely need them. Have you ever found yourself out of your comfort zone but more than that; to be in a place where you know left to yourself you would not be able to stand for a minute? I am in that place. I know I can only stand by His grace ALONE. The Lord is so very merciful isn’t He? Grace, grace, His wonderful grace.
    “Streams in the desert,” that Sharon posted today is wonderful.
    I would PM you but there is something wrong with my PM. Just wanted to say that I didn't mean to 'hijack' your thread. My intention was to stand with you with Christ and become closer friends since we both had a similar experiences. There was another member also who told of her mother's story so I don't see why I was selected out and called names throughout other threads. It was not nice or fair. This forum is all about supporting each other, and me opening up and telling you that you aren't alone by telling you my story, is how I saw fit. If I could delete it I would because you and now everyone I was friends with no longer care to talk to me because of secret talks in PM's to one another. Obviously we have had different intentions on friendship so I will bother you no further. Just wanted to let you know I didn't do it on purpose and I am sorry. Good luck to you.
    Good afternoon, Dorothy, the kitty still has her tail and the living room furniture has sustained being pushed around! As for me, my frustration level is minimal thanks to my anxiety medication. Isn't modern medicine wonderful?

    I'm still fighting with the Dragon but not as often. Thank goodness I have a finger work on the keyboard when I get too frustrated with their Dragon program.

    The hospice nurse was here today and we had a nice long visit. She didn't tell me anything I didn't already suspect, however hearing her say out loud what I have suspected in my own mind made it more real. I'm rather teary eyed and at the same time feel more in control than normal. I know what the end is going to be with this disease but some how I think it won't be me. Hearing her tell me that there is no air filling my lower lungs, causing me to lack oxygen, with a real downer. Make the most of my day is her advice; she also suggested that I stay active on the forum. I'll try. :)
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