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  • You wrote: "Dx of seronegative myasthenia gravis."
    Sorry to hear that. But it's better than ALS. Is it service-connected?
    Can you get to 20? Will a medical retirement give you a good pension?
    Good luck.
    I am an oddball case. One abnormal EMG showing "axonopathy", bilateral thigh "denervation atrophy" on muscle biopsy, bilateral Babinski and brisk knee reflexes, mild permanent leg weakness (left ankle dorsiflexion and bilateral illopsoas weakness. Oh, and now some ptosis and diplopia that get better with mestinon, Dx of seronegative myasthenia gravis.
    Hi Tony, is there any change in your status? Have you been diagnosed with something? I have a similar situation with you. I hope nothing got worse.
    Right now I have a diagnosis of MND and possible ALS from an Airforce neurologist, but the army Neuro from Walter Reed disagreed. Both say come back in six months, but with a PCS coming soon it. Will be more like 8 or 9. So I should get another EMG in the fall to see if things have progessed electro diagnostically speaking. My progression has been at a crawl... Extremely slow which I am thankful for but it does make getting a diagnosis a pain. I'll keep you posted. I am at 16 years active service I know I could make it to 18, not see about 20 though
    If you're diagnosed with ALS, let us know. There are many ways the government will compensate you to help you throughout the many challenges of the diseases. Social Security, Medicare, VBA, and VHA all have programs to assist you with the expenses, therapy, equipment, van and home modifications. To get these benefits without delay, however, you'll need to know how to do it.
    yes, any info would be greatly appreciated. I am headed to Walter Reed next week, hopefully ill get the final diagnosis and MEB initiated. right now I am diagnosed with MND and "possible" ALS.
    Tony, you're a soldier? I have some insight into VA benefits for ALS, if you're interested.
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