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  • Tom's voice and swallowing started to get bad, but he didn't go to the doctor until his left foot was going numb and ice cold. He went to a chiropractor first thinking he had pinched a nerve in his back. The chiropractor had an MRI done, but he didn't see anything wrong. Then, he went to a GP who did a raft of blood tests and stuff. Finally, he went to a neuro who diagnosed him. It was a pretty quick process. He had to leave his job in May because he felt so awful one night that he had to come home early. Then, he wound up in the hospital for a week, got his feeding tube and left walking with a cane. When he got home, he fell, and went to walking with two canes. Then, in July, he decided he needed a wheeled, seated walker. We are going to be moving to a power chair soon. BUT, the good news is that his swallowing is still pretty good and his breathing is still good. I'm hoping we can maintain that for a while.

    I hope you have a decent weekend. It's hot as Hades here!
    Hi Amy-Thanks for your post. I wish I knew the answer as to why my hubby is in a plateau--if I could bottle it I could make some money LOL. It is so awful how each person has such a different path through ALS that it leaves everyone wondering what is next for them. I always wondered what it is that puts someone over the edge (going from strange symptoms to a full diagnosis that rushes forward from that point). I think that what ever is happening in their body is building up and building up until it cascades into full blown ALS. It is horrible!!
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