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  • Hi! I totally understand what your going through. I am so worried about my dad that sometimes I can't sleep at night. My doctor has me on Paxil because I suffer from depression to begin with. I couldn't stop crying yesterday. I go from anger to crying. I'm so frightened as well. Just try to take it one day at a time. Try to get family or friends to support you. Don't ever feel quilty. You are doing the best you can. A big hug to you. Your man is blessed to have you don't ever forget that. Kim
    Hi Everyone! I'm new here and can't express enough how glad I am to find all of you. My sweet man (fiancee) was diagnosed Dec 2011 and has progressed since then to a PWC with no use of arms, hands or legs. I have felt so completely alone until now. I think I stayed in denial until this past month and now I'm going from crying my heart out to anger. To see every day what this disease does and there's nothing we can do makes me sick. I know all of you understands these crazy whirlwind of emotions we all go through when others just don't. I'm so scared, frightened is more like it. I also have this huge guilty feeling of not doing enough even when I do everything I know to do for him (feeding, bathing, dressing, everything) but I still feel so consumed with guilt and fear.
    I'm sorry for sounding like a lunatic. I just haven't had anyone to talk to. I tried talking to my doctors but all they could tell me was how I've done everything and to think about putting him in a nursing home. NO!
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