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  • Hi, Tom- your family album is great! The baby is beautiful- gotta' love those grandbabies!
    So, I see you are a "Yankee Doodle" man- 4th of July b-day! Bet I know the theme of all your parties growing up!
    VERY nice job on the bathroom. Do you find the whole bathroom floor gets wet? Not that it's a problem. Curious. We will most likely do a similar setup.

    Thanks for the welcome to my daughter, I think she is scared and doesn't know what to think right now. Same goes for me to really.

    Thanks again
    Tom - have you registered for the Orange County ALSA meeting in September? It is in Long Beach I think. It is a morning meeting with ALS experts speaking. Should be very interesting - especially with Mary Beth Geise - the ALS Nurse - speaking.

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