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  • Well glad to hear about cruizin at the beach. I got my new Power Wheelchar deliverd yesterday and h today im going to my 32 year job that i have not worked for 16 months. Co workers are going to help me make some special attachments then i can possibly make it to the beach. That would be so cool.
    Real nice to meet you and best wishes. Take care.
    Hey there, How are you doing I am only a few miles from you in Bellflower on the border with north Long Beach
    Hi, Tom- just dropping by to say hi, hope things are going well. Do you have any more grandchildren since Haley? We have a 2nd granddaughter- will be 1 in May. Aren't they the best! Take care! Marianne
    How are you doing lately? I have been thinking about you the last while.
    hi tom.
    hope you have a great bday ,great day to have been born (independence day)
    How does it feel playing Hookey? I was glad to hear that some things are better for you. It may take a while to adjust to not going to work. It did for me. I still like the idea of it, but Don reassures me that I really really don't want to have to go to any airport and go to work these days LOL.

    Keep in touch.
    Hi, Tom- It's nice to see you here; offering support. Hope you are doing well. Mar
    Hi, Tom! Been thinking about you; hope your progression continues to be slow. Take care- Marianne
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