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  • Hey, how are you doing? Have you contacted the ALS chapter in Orange Co. I spoke with Natalie yesterday she was helpful. I'm concerned about you. I hope you are ok.
    Are you planning to return to Japan? Having some family nearby will be helpful. Do you have any support here in the US? We do live close we can meet up. I'm not working, so my schedule is pretty flexible. Jodi
    Glad you will be seen Friday. Most likely will be seen by Dr.Goyal she the ALS guru there. Tuesday's are the ALS clinic days, those days you will see the DR, RT, social worker, clinical trial specialist if you chose to, PT and speech. I had repeated my nerve test, that the first neuro had done. They started me on the medication. Dr filled out the form for my handicap placard, when I was there. Are you still working? I'm not....I walk with a limp due to my footdrop, RLE. I have weakness left han with atrophy. It pretty much......sucks! We live close, so we should meet up. We can begin our journey with ALS......together.
    Hi, I to was diagnosed with ALS. I'm seen at UCI, I really like the doctors. The staff is very helpful as well. I'm 44 and mom to four kids. I understand what you may be feeling. our lives have been turned upside down ! Contact me if you'd like...it's helpful to reach out. Take care Jodi
    Hi tiramisu,

    I wish you well on your Dr. visit tomorrow. I totally understand your fear. Especially since you have had the very unpleasant and heart wrenching experience with your dad already.

    We all feel your anxiety and hope the best for you. Please stay positive and fight with all your strength. We're sharing your pain.

    Hang tough,
    I'm from China. My mother is ALS patients, the incidence of mother when the most serious weakness in the limbs, muscle cramps crazy beat, sleep at night can't sleep, eat only eat a little, and eat and drink reflex seriously, speak not clear, extremely bad mental state, the size of the fish muscle, the muscle atrophy, arm muscles like a layer of as attached to the skin on the arm, leg muscles are very stiff, deformity of the morbid across long. At present, the mother take Chinese traditional medicine, control well, nearly a year without any development condition. Eat, drink, talk and improvement. If you like, I can give half a month to try.You can send me e-mail: [email protected]
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