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    Third EMG abnormal

    MG is very hard to diagnose. I have a friend who has it. It's usually characterized by some breathing problems, but not always. It's possible this could be MG.
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    Need some advice

    I'm going with Lyme disease or Lupus on your case. Lyme isn't the easiest to diagnose. But, once they pin it down - you'll be feeling great with antibiotics. Lupus is very manageable. Wish you had gotten the EMG. I totally freak out if I don't know what something is.
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    Another question

    I got the 2nd emg. Tech said it was normal. I don't have the report in, yet. I am still having little fasics and vibrations here and there; sometimes my right hand feel weak. They tested the right arm with the needles, but not my left leg (which usually gives me troubles).
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    I hope this is the case. The Lyrica seemed to help. I don't know how long it takes for it to show results.
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    Had violent fasiculation in left calf

    Ooops......yes, see, I get "undulations" that are like waves in a bathtub on the inside of my left thigh, going up and down, stating at the knee. I can understand the need to stay away from big words, when medical terminology is cluttered with them. I just enjoy words - I was constantly picked...
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    Had violent fasiculation in left calf

    :( Sorry. I'm anxious, and I'm trying to learn more. I know anxiety does nothing (except keep me awake in the day, and awake at night, too). And, I like using big words such as "fasiculations" or "undulations." It's better than "The inside f my leg went up and down!"
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    Had violent fasiculation in left calf

    :sad: Sorry, I'm super-anxious. I know anxiety does nothing, but I'm trying to learn more. And I like using big words like "fasiculations," or "udnulations" vs - "the inside of my thigh went up and down!"
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    Well, I went to get checked out on Tuesday, and my legs were going into the hyper-reflex territory, accd. to the doctor. Also, my leg hamstrings don't seem to want to stretch anymore. In fact, my physiatrist said (before I went to neuros) that they're "super-tight." That's why they feel like...
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    Are you ok?

    Are you ok?
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    Had violent fasiculation in left calf

    This occurred while sitting. Could even see my pant leg moving. Now it feels less responsive and a bit more flabby when it weakened? Had fasiculations in right leg overnight while on Lyrica. My left leg is usually the problem child.
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    this can happen

    Olimpio - I am similar to you. I go on the Internet and read. You are not in the U.S, so I hope your doctors will be of good service to you. Please talk to them more. Ask them questions. Don't say that you were reading things on the Internet; to us or your doctors. This is the Internet; for...
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    this can happen

    Hi there, For future reference, do not re-type stories from the Internet like you just did. 1. We don't know where this came from. 2. It may or may not be the truth. 3. This is from 1998. Very old, outdated, and medicine and technology have improved. What is your goal in typing this? To...
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    Has anyone used this? I am seeing another neuro for another opinion and emg next week. However, the previous neuro didn't think ALS and gave me lyrica for the pain I feel in my legs (sometimes arms). She said it helps to end fasiculations, too. I've taken it for two nights. So far, it can...
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    is this als?

    October is far....can't you get an earlier appointment?
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    Hi - I read a lot of your posts. What are you up to these days?

    Hi - I read a lot of your posts. What are you up to these days?