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    My husband has just been diagnosed with MND in July too. He feels constantly sick. and takes ages to eat anything. Do you? Have you taken something to help? Also he has constipation.??
    Hi itd17
    Thanks I will look into lunasin Products although I tend to steer clear of expensive snake products ha
    I take a few additions to see how they go ? Nettle tea,, Green tea, cod live oil, Sage, a multi Vitamin, Vit C
    I will be adding Senna, curcumin, niacotinamide and a calcium/Magnesium/Zinc Multi.
    I try for Three days intermittent Fasting, eating window 4 Hours and high protein. Day 4 Eat whenever H Fat. Rinse and repeat.
    Trying to boost my Autophagy some. Take care.
    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis :(
    I saw you were looking for RCH4, hope you find it.
    Have you looked at the lunasin products by reliv? Seems it helps for some and doesn't for others. Also check out deanna protocol.
    Hi Nikki j
    It doesnt't matter if not seen ha I will post an introduction.
    I did do blood test for genome but awaiting results.
    Have applied for RCH4 and been accepted but my Doc wont give permission. It shines to me.
    Still have testicles probing.Ho Ho
    Take care.. I will look over your postings when time..
    Hi welcome sadly. I hope you will post an intro thread on the forum. The visitor page posts do not get seen by many

    Do you know your genetic mutation as you are apparently FALS?
    Hi all mellow man from the UK x Firefighter xx Military ( Infantry ) . Started muscle R leg twitches in June 2017, R foot slow in November 2017, heavy R leg R foot dropping and voice slur by January 2018 Tick Tock down down, I knew I had ALS like my father before me at a similar age.
    Weakening by the day slippery slope indeed. I hope for Miracles for us all. TIANDB
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