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  • Hi thompsonds3, yes there are a few people on this forum who can be a little sharp at times… But you have to remember that sometimes it's for good reason. At any rate, it's a good idea not post personal information. If you have enough messages sent you will see that you can send private messaging although I think its changed a bit. I can't believe that summer is almost over I hope you had a great one. Now go Get some duck fat fries for me!
    Glad to hear from you... I haven't been on much as my hands are worse, but I'm still living my life... did the docs figure out what's going on with you? Hope you're having a good summer.
    I wish I could get those Duckfat fries here too, I love them! I don't think I could make it inside there anymore though. I haven't seen the owners since Rob's Mom passed away last December... She had cancer, it was so sad to lose her. Small world isn't it?
    Good luck kiddo!

    I'm a graphic designer, and always loved the silkscreened posters... wish I had learned how to do that as well!
    Hi thompsonds3, I don't know what I wrote, but glad it helped. It does sound like something is going on which you should get checked out.

    Do you live in Portland? Ever go to Hugo's or Duck Fat? One of my favorite friend's brother is the owner, and I love your city. I almost moved there a lifetime ago, but it wasn't the right time... always wished I had gone anyway!

    Take care, and keep us posted!
    We know our own bodies, and when something is not right. No one here try's to belittle your symptoms, but rather the obsession, people have with having ALS.

    I was not right for years, saw a doctor every 3 months for a long time, just to see if there were any changes. It's fine to go back if you think you are progressing. I am married to a neurologist and it was his obsession I had to deal with and not mine. It's easy to get frightened of something we don't understand fully. He was frightened of something he fully understood!
    Your story so far sounds remarkably similar to mine. Keep us posted on what you learn, and here's hoping it's nothing too serious.
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