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  • Hi,

    did you ever get a diagnosis on your disease?
    I have the same symptoms. Weakness in arms and legs (mostly on my left side). I have very low vitamin D as well and I have been on a treatment for 1.5 months with 0 improvement. Don't think I feel much worse but not better. I have been feeling like this since April so probably close to 4 months. My doctor doesn't want to send me to a specialist until my treatment is over.
    Please respond if you can.
    Did you get a Dx? I have very similar symptoms to you and mommyof3
    I was just reading one of your posts and notice that we have very similar symptoms. I have that burning/fatigued feeling in my arms, shoulders and hands and somewhat in my upper legs. It happens when I do even the slightest things like raising my arms above shoulder level, brushing my teeth, stiring a pot of food etc. I still seem to have my strength though, but I just cant sustain it for as long as I used to. Its very scarry to have this happen so suddenly.
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