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  • One other thing....my pcp said it wasnt possible. He had never $een this type of case. The surgeon said it was unusual but my endocrinologist was absolute that I had it. He did several blood tests for other things like neoplasia syndrome and tumor markers and a couple of other things.
    Yes I was having muscle cramping. As you said it is the ratio of electrolytes out of whack vs any particular number. My tsh has swung from 1.2 up to 4 with nodules on ultrasound. Those turned out to be parathyroid. Best of luck
    Wow thank you for that . I still feel like im grasping at straws as my walking feels off/ weak and i feel generally unwell as you mentioned. My thyroid has been subacute (i have all the pock marks e.t.c) and its vascular. My tests also were suggestive of either graves or hashi but my tsh levels are always within range ..however i always have a crap load of antobodies detected . Drives me batty that i dont know whats affecting me and im still worried it could be neurological . Fingers crossed its something fixable and i can crack back on with life. Did you have near cramps when you were having pain e.t.c

    Thanks once again !
    Sure. I ran calcium levels that were high but never too high....10.2-10.7. My parathyroid hormone levels stayed in the normal range. I had incredible fatigue, joint pain, a general feeling of being unwell. I was seeing an endocrinologist for "goiter". Blood tests were coming back suggestive of hashimotos throiditis but my thyroid hormones, tsh, was really good. I kept getting scans and did my own research. I brought my endo 5years of lab tests from various providers which he didn't have, and he looked at my symptoms and diagnosed me. I went to Dr. Normans group here in Tampa. They weren't sure but at surgery I had 2 adenomas. Within 3 days I felt , in my joints, so much better. My throat took a bit longer because of the finding two. I virtually have no scar.
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