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  • withstand the chemo ontop of my als. That was the reason that was said by my drs. i can not control what the media says or the fact that they can not keep their facts straight. i will be contacting the admins personally about this post and what i am sending to you on here also. I cannot believe that you would even think about shit talking someone with als if you suposably have a family meber who is also going throug this god awful disease. i would think if you are watching a family meber go through wat i am and many of my friends are going through that you would be sympatetic of any one that is fighting this god awful disease and not be shit talking them. i am so so so thankful that you are not my family meber and my support system if this is how you treat someone who has als. wow .

    Not sure if you remeber making this thread or not, but I am Katrina. the one you were Shit talking about. I have a HUGE problem with the CRAP you said about me in this post. For one, i was diagnosed in july of 2010 by the grace of god i am still here. i was 15 when my mom was diagnosed and 18 when she died. The reason that they said i would not make it through the holidays since you seem to care oh so much about me and my story, is because i also have cancer. and at that time i had JUST STARTED CHEMO AGAIN FOR THE THIRD TIME. ontop of the als and the drs did not think that i would be able to
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