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  • Hi Trina-

    I'm Jennifer. Like you, I am very sad that my dad's life is going to end in such a miserable way. He's had a very hard life, taking care of my mom through several battles with cancer (which eventually took her life 20 years ago) and I, too have had cancer. He's 86 and I tell myself that he's had a long life and that he's fortunate he got it at 86, not 46, and I am grateful for all the time. But, it still sucks. We don't have a specific kind of ALS diagnosis yet, just ALS.
    Hi there. I just wanted to reach out to you as it seems we are in similar situations. My dad who is 86 was diagnosed today.

    ...WOW ...that makes me relive that moment....still i am gratefull i did everything for her, i know she is up in heaven looking down on all of us, she has 13 grandkids, we are all getting togeher now in July 22, we are headed out to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, i know she will be there in spirit with all of us, and we are doing this as a family reunion in her name, knowing that in the end thats all she ever wanted for her kids and grandkids to be all together ...so i decided in her name we will keep pleasing her....
    MOM I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOO MUCH, untill we meet again.....
    i know she was also suffering internally seeing that she was totaly dependent on me from brushing her teeth in the morning all the way untill she went to bed at night and i would put her Oil of Olay on her face and balmex on her lips, she will always be my hero ! i had a twin bed put in her room so that i was able to sleep with her, every movement i would be there with her no matter what...i felt so bad when the night she passed my aunt (her sister) wanted to sleep with her and i unwillingly let her, she was trying to give me a break so that i would sleep the whole night, little did i know that would be the last night i put her to bed...at 2.30am my world ended when i woke up with my mom on my mind and rushing to her side finding her empty, still warm but empty
    How is your mom doing ? is she still able to move on her own? my mom walked up until the night before she passed, even though she was always on the wheelchair, not because she couldnt walk but because she would get so out of breath and exhausted walking from the kitchen to the bathroom, but that last night she moved her arms as if telling me she didnt want to go in the wheelchair anymore, she wanted to walk, and i let her, she was such an idependent person,
    Hi TGB1 - I hope your mom is comfortable, and you are telling her how much she means to you and how much you love her. Im doing ok, some good days some bad days, ALS has changed all our lives and i HATE it, but i for one am gratefull that my mom didnt suffer so much and i was there throuhg out all her disease.
    Welcome to the forum but so sorry for your need to be here. The members on here are very supportive and helpful. They are very willing to help answer any questions you might have on things. My name is Kim and I'm 46. My dad is 78 and was diagnosed in May of 2012. He had symptoms though prior. I have twins who are 15 (boy/girl) and another son who is 9. My husband and I are still good friends but are currently separated. Get along but can't live in the same house. We are here to support you. You and your family will be added to my prayer list. Hugs, Kim
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