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  • Hey Trina
    I think if I had left here, coming back would be really hard. Probably the fact I never left has made it easier to stay, even with all the losses and new people. Love you girl - you do what you need, don't feel you have to be anything you aren't xxxxx
    Hi Trina,
    Good to hear from you. I get on this forum still but don't post much. Since I really wasn't dad's caregiver I don't really have good advice to give anyone. But, yet I still feel a pull to stay on and support people with this monster. Dad went so quickly at the end. He had been to my niece's volleyball game just a few days prior. He had Hospice for less then 24 hrs. Thank God for them though because they were able to give him Morphine and Ativan that finally kicked in and he went peacefully.
    Our twins are getting ready to graduate this coming up Sunday, the 22nd from high school. At least I hope our son still does. He is struggling in two classes and has to do reasonable on his exams Tuesday and Wednesday to pass. He always got good grades until my dad moved away and got ALS. It hit him hard. Then his dad and my separation. It all hit him like a ton of bricks. But, I feel he'll pull through. Please keep him in your prayers. Kim
    Thanks for the message Trina,
    I am doing very well thanks, and happy this is all over. I lost my real husband so long ago--
    Hi Trina and many thanks for the kind words. Honestly I don't know how I'm doing ... Toby had a set back. They are inevitable but always hit me so hard and I feel all the pain all over again - just like the first day. There must be a way to handle this better... Wish I knew what it was.

    It was really nice to hear from you. You sounded strong. : ))
    How are you getting by, dear friend?
    I think of you and send heartfelt wishes for your finding some peace.
    Hi Trina, I have the opposite, it comforts me, and I sometimes wonder if leaving here would be like finally letting him go or something in some weird way. I have wondered at times how you are doing, it's a long hard road 'after' just in a different way xxxx Tillie
    Posted an update - help! well, a cyber hug will do.... wanted your input if you feel up to it.
    I'm glad we are friends... xoxo Nancy
    finally sent a pm to you... hoping you are doing ok.
    say, how do you like my new avatar?
    I picked it because that is exactly what my BRAIN feels like !! fireworks : ))
    Yes! I just found it ... I had some trouble figuring out PM'ing and found your wonderful message tucked 'behind' an older one - so to speak..... Thank you for your friendship.
    Hi Trina! Good to see you on my page. How ARE you??? I'm taking lots of baby steps and tripping but dusting myself off and trying again. Lordy, what a place to learn about life - in ALS-Land. Ugh.... Here's a hug in case you need it! Ummmmmph : )
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