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  • I teach second grade. I currently have 15 students on my roster. Several of them are siblings or cousins of kids I taught before. Going back to work irritated my legs so much. Cramps started again. My husband rubs them out and massages my calves every night. The left leg is tight in the calf and doesn't like me tippy toeing. A frien of mine figured up that the walk from my room and back for gum and lunch is 1/4 mile round trip. I make that full trip 4 times each day. So that's a mile outside the class I wear a pedometer each day and I average 1 1/2 miles each day of walking inside my class. I think I'll be wheeling around my desk chair a lot. The school is putting a microphone speaker system in my class so I don't have to stress my voice. I'm hoping to be able to teach at least one more year. Thanks for reading and responding. I need a place to lay out things to people that understand.

    I think once you see Dr. Heitzman and get established you only have to go every sixth months or so. I saw you take lamictal. My Dr. has me using it as a mood stabilizer along with prozac. Isn't it weird how certain medicines can be used for different things? You are brave if you're a teacher. If you see three strange kids dropped on your doorstep tutor them and send them back to me next summer. lol
    Yes. I'm seeing Dr. Heitzman. They are doing an EMG and a 1 hour consult on September 19. My neuro didn't test my tongue or left leg, which is where my symptoms started in my left hand.

    I went back to work on the 12th - I'm a teacher. The long walks to meetings have really messed with my left leg. Several cramps and stiffness. But life goes on and so do I.

    Hope your day has been good

    Thanks for all the thoughts.
    Is it with Dr. Heitzman at Texas Neurology? If so I think you will like him. I hope he can tell you that it's not ALS. He did my second EMG and it didn't hurt at all. The first one I had done in Tyler by another doctor hurt so bad!
    Hi Tracy I am so sorry for your diagnosis. I am from a FALS family too. There is a FALS group on FB if you are on there. If you have not already ask for gene testing. I know you said you only have one other relative that you know of. Do you have people on that side with dementia? That happens too with my defect c9orf72. There is a lot of hope for gene therapy for c9 and sod1 trials in less than a year so it is important to know. Take care
    I got the name of the dr from my sister. Not sure the name of the ALS clinic. She didn't send it to me. But, I'm sure you can probally google him. Here's his name and # Dr. Daragh Heitzman (214) 827-3610. Dad really likes him and the clinic. Also, I don't know if this will help you or not but my dad occasionally wears a wrist brace of some sort. You might check into this. I don't know as much as most people on here. But, if I can help with anything let me know. Kim
    Hi Tracy,
    Feel free to drop by the COME TO TEA forum on here. It's a way for all of us to get to know each other then just the ALS. Kim
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