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    It's been four years

    All I can say is do NOT think this has anything to do with your quality of caregiving. You are the best caregiver. We know how tiring it is. Keep going one day at a time. Deal with the issues that are most needed first. From experience, a van was a superb investment...and will be easily...
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    Hi Everyone

    Glad for you Marty. Great testimonial for living each day to its fullest!! Kudo's friend. tc
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    In memory of...

    Glad she's free, so sorry for your loss. I know she will always be with you. tc
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    1 year anniversary

    Glad you're good. I'm about 3.5 yrs down the road and good too, just like you. I could comment on every paragraph, chime in and agree and elaborate. Beautiful tribute. tc
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    Chally Erb flies free

    So sad and so glad all in the same moment. Godspeed friend. Peace and comfort to those left here. tc
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    Update on Hospice

    Glad for you Chally. Godspeed on your journey, and I look forward to meeting you someday. tc
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    Brian Flies Free

    Real sorry for your loss Lenore. Glad he's flying free. I wish peace and rest for you. tc
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    Something Positive

    Good for you!!
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    Sharing the road

    Roger, so sorry for your loss. Real glad you had the time. Shes free now, get some rest. You deserve it. Prayers for comfort and peace for you and yours. tc
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    Eyegaze Edge - Anyone familiar with this?

    We got the Eyegaze....shopped several brands including the Tobii. At the time, 3 yrs was the most advanced device and software that we looked at...and was the most 'adaptable' to different positions, ie Power chair, floor/bedside mount. Using the floor mount, I could position it...
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    Hi Maryk, nice to meet you.

    Hi Maryk, nice to meet you.
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    Matt is gone

    He felt it, no doubt. So sorry.
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    1 Month Warning...

    Sending all the strength I have your way.
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    Like new Permobil F3 Wheelchair

    Good luck, but if you don't have I didn't....I ended up donating Tracy's to the MD closet. They were the local ones who helped me the most during my ordeal. When donated, you can get the price you deserve...deducted from your taxes as a donation. The MD guy here gave me a receipt...
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    Steve's flying free

    Im so sorry. I know. But glad at the same time, Deb. Sorry you had to let him go. Glad you got to hold him, and he you. Glad you got to share those moments in time. Glad he's free of those chains and confinement. Glad you have/had the family support to help you. Glad for him that he had...