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  • Hi Karen,
    Sorry to hear that your dad has been through so much lately. My dad has limb onset ALS. He can take steps if he has his walker and his caretaker is holding onto his gait belt directly behind him. You never know when his legs could give out and he'd start to fall. He still is able to eat on his own as long as he takes small bites and doesn't get distracted while eating. It's hard for him to hold his utensils and pick up things because he's loss alot of use of his fingers because they are covered now. His speech gets raspy at times especially when he's tired. My dad lives close to the park where both of our boys play baseball so he's been getting out to see their games. He really enjoys that. Take care, Kim
    How is your dad doing lately? My dad is doing so-so I would say. With this horrendous disease it is hard to gauge. My dad is 78 so he isn't one of the young one's to get this. His started in the limbs. Dad is still able to eat on his own but slowly due to not having much arms strength anymore and curved fingers. He still has a good appetite. He drinks Boost at least once a day. He can walk only with a walker and someone strong holdling tightly to his gait belt directly behind him. He still talks pretty good except when he's tired and then his voice gets on the raspy side. We are anxious for the weather to get nice so he can get out and get some fresh air. We have been kind of cautious about taking him out too much during flu season. Take care and drop me a note anytime. Kim
    My Christmas wish for you and your family is to live in Peace Harmony Laughter and Love and know how Beautiful You shine so bright with your Love and Light! I just want you know how much you mean to me ... we have never met in person, but you are known to me and stay in my heart. I feel we have been friends forever ....
    Hi TeamDom

    It broke my heart to read your post about your brother......I pray that he will have a change of heart. Unfortunately, some family members have a really hard time dealing with such a horrible disease. They have fears of how to handle themselves, fear of not being able to help that person and maybe even fears of possibly getting the disease themselves. I say this because, my grandfather had ALS and it was dreadful to watch as a kid growing up. But, now my husband has ALS and I pray every night that my kids won't get it as well, especially since they have it from my side and now my husband too.

    Have patience and faith that he will come around soon! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. So sorry you are going through such a difficult time!

    I live in the moment one day at a time.....love and prayers coming your way!
    Isnt this a great forum family? I have made such close friendships here. Drop by my thread "happiness now" its under stories of hope. Oe you can go to the blue bar above and click on search,,,then type happiness now ...it will take you the thread
    love you my new friend!
    Hi ! Welcome to the forum but so sorry about your need to be here. My name is Kim (Skipper) and I'm 46. I have been married to my husband for 19 years and we have three children. Our twin (boy/girl) turned 15 in September and our youngest so will turn 9 on the 14th. We live in central Illinois. My dad has ALS and his home is about 1/2 mile for ours. Dad found out he had ALS in May after having alot of health issues for about a year and 1/2. Dad is 78. He is currently staying in Dallas with my sister and her family since they have a ALS clinic there. The people on this forum have been a life-saver for me. They let me vent and give wonderful advice. They have calmed my fears many times. Write me if you'd like. I sent you a friend request. Take care, Kim
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