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  • Hi, I was thinking of you on my flight down here.Everything was going good.I did my ritual had my bloody mary & xanax.45 minutes before landing the plane went dark because we were in a dark cloud.Then the plane started to dip & bounce all over.People were screaming!(Not me I had the correct meds haha)& its been beautiful here in AZ everyday & tomorrow I leave to go home & what is in the forcast?Thunder strorms!Now I will have to get the bloody mary at the airport before I leave instead of on the plane.(mind you this is the only time I drink except a few foo foo drinks like Pina Coladas on vacations)When it gets rough I tell myself that I'v survived worse, like when I saw a lady hit the ceiling of a plane because of rough weather over the South pacific..or Texas storms & flying straight into a thunderhead just over Cuba.But in the end I am ALWAYS glad that I concured my fear,well with help of meds and alcahol anyway! haha..Pray for me tomorrow!I hope all is well with you!Hugs, Kari
    your very welcome , yes that is my son trying to find a good one of him alone but , alway's someone with him , and my son is 37.. so sorry you lost your son . my other three is a boy 39 another 36 and daughter is 34, we are very similer except i have 14 grandkids lol 19-1yr. i was young aslo. and if you need me i am here anytime-take care of yourself
    thanks tdamess, that is so sweet. I am doing ok just doing the best I can. I hope you are doing ok Is that your sons picture in the avatar? I have three children one is 34 girl, 31 boy and I lost a son he would be 37 last month. I have seven grandchildren LOL the oldest is 17 and the youngest is 2. I started having babies at a young age but it is worth it. LOL I am glad you wrote take care hugs to you Debra
    Glutathione does not hurt the liver, but it is a powerful detoxifier so when you start to use it it might overpower the livers ability to rid the body of the toxins. This depends on the amount of toxins in the body. You can use anything of mine that you think is helpful and please don't hesitate to ask anything. I will gladly share what I know and experienced.
    hello i have just read some of ur post about u son having als and how diffulcult it is for u to show him pictures th tubes and stuff. my uncle was dig 3month with als and he has not opened a booklet or read anything about the desease he is slurring his words and dragging his leg and index finger gone into the palm where we as a family want him to face up to it he is also fighting it without know i spoke to a nurse in ireland and she nursed someone with als and she told me sometimes its better if they dont read up as it could scare him and lose the will to fight but at the same time i want him to face up to what he has he still drinks alot and laughing as much as he can i just hope theres a cure real soon godbless
    Hi! My dad is going home tomorrow. Finally! He is doing much better. Pretty much back to how he was before he entered the hospital last week. Thanks for checking in. Hope all is well with you!
    Well thank you. Reading that was the best thing all day.

    Smile , people will think you are up to something.

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