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  • yes and like billy his swalling and breathing problem is from the thyroid and not the a.l.s. yet , his thyroid is enlarged 4 times it's size blocking his airway and causing hs swalling problems
    You are correct, there are symptoms caused by the thyroid that can be mistaken for ALS. Things like weakness (without atrophy), extreme tiredness are the most noticeable.
    Thank you! I hope it was helpful. I am always open for ideas for content. If you have any sugestions I would appreciate you sharing them. Hope you are well.
    No it did not! It all made it worse and me anxious! It ended up being anxiety not allergy/asthma related. It took 3 weeks to get it worked out. 2 of those 3 weeks were hell! could not sleep, symbacort and singular just escalated it all! I am only on my trial meds, a little xanax and a little ambien, got a bipap a week ago and feel 1000 times better! Thank God =)
    Please do not upset yourself or compare yourself to some of those characters out there that have no heart! We all know you love your son and would do anything for him! I'm sure your DIL appreciates you very much! You hang in there! Sending you and your family hugs! CJ
    Thanks for the pm, I sent a pm back but seem to be having issues with people not getting my messages. I am not sure what I need to do to fix this, any ideas ?

    hi , my son turned 38 in January he was dx last July it has affected his left hand and arm at first... he has a good outlook because he really don't know how bad this will affect him but , i think he now is finding out i see him shiver a lot he was a go getter now he lets others do things and backs off .. he has food cut up for him as he has some swallowing problems and he sounds drunk now when he is tired ,he also starting getting weak as far as standing he is suppose to be slow progression but , it is not slow enough for me ... then i realise how many have already passed away who were dx same time as him .... and some have had it for many years this is my hope for him and for all want the cure now .. hopefully by accident someone somewhere will find it soon . so many trials going on ... thank you for your concern , you and all are in my hopes and dreams .
    tdamess ive just learned your son has als .how old is he .how has the disease affected him .i feel so bad for you as a mother having to deal with this with your son .i wasdx 8/09 withbulbar als it has affected my speech bad and now i have a peg tube other than that i feel strong and pretty good .get back with me and let me know how all is going godbless jeff
    thank you. tHEY ARE NOT AS NICE AS THAT IN REAL LIife. Photography enhances them:-)
    But I do sell them and I am going to put up quite a few more on the site tonight.
    Cannot believe we wqere not already friends.
    If you want to see REAL painting, take a look at my dughter's site -
    thank you again. Will really try top get more up though I have not felt at all well today
    *Lots of love
    Saw your post on the Rant page...lifting you up in prayers. I panic when I think of seeing my husband progress. I know it would be even more impossible if it were my child. Prayers for courage and grace-to be able to walk this road with strength.
    lol you are so brave.... wonder if the lady who hit her head on the plane ever flew again ...hope you enjoy your stay and have an uneventful trip home ...( wonder if the lady who hit her head had any confusion she may have left that plane and went straight onto another and wondering why the trip was so long lol )
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